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High Definition Detail - Road Rage (Green Pre Wash) *New Formula*

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Road Rage - here’s the new more economical formula with a twist, the new RR is a lot more safer version whiles still keeping the same cleaning power if not even more versatile and lsp safe.

• Very Economical & Very Effective Cleaning Power

• Use via a Pump Sprayer or Foam Lance

• LSP Safe

• Bug & Insect Remover

Road Rage is a new formula alkaline non-caustic pre wash for when you need that extra cleaning power whiles being very effective at the same time remaining safe to all surfaces aswell as LSP safe.

Road Rage (Green Pre Wash) as to be used to truly appreciate its cleaning abilities and very versatile usability.

Road Rage can be used via different methods via a pump sprayer or snow foam lance for multiple tasks as a pre wash, degreaser for engine bays, tyres, wheel arches and door shuts.

Apply via a pump sprayer or snow foam lance

Dilution Ratios:

Pump Sprayer (1:5 - 50:1)

Snow Foam Lance (20:1 - 50:1)