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BrakeThrough (Wheel Shampoo)

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BrakeThrough is a dedicated Wheel Shampoo designed to be added to your Wheel Bucket and agitated with your wheel cleaning tools. BrakeThrough is unlike traditional paint shampoo’s, it is developed with a higher strength of cleaning power and a great degreasing properties for deep cleaning of wheels, scrubbing tyres prior to applying tyre dressings and great for degreasing wheel arches.
Ideal for maintenance of protected and sensitive wheel finishes.

Dilution Ratio : 300-1 (25-50ml to 18L wheel bucket)

Can also be applied via a snow foam lance to wheels, tyres and arches to dwell & agitate.
  •  Great Cleaning Power to Heavy to Light soiled
  •  Ideal for Protected & Sensitive Wheel Finishes

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