ALTA 2000 Viton Hand Foam Sprayer

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Alta 2000 Foam Pressure Sprayer
  • Max. Capacity: 1.8 liter
  • Valve Holds the Pressure for a Long Time 
  • Adjustable Spray to Foam Nozzle 
  • Jet Function Up to 110° 
  • Stainless Steel Springs
The Alta 2000 Foam is a practical pressure sprayer with foam lance. Suitable for acidic and alkaline detergents with extreme pH values. The Scope of application covers both professional usage as well as for household cleaning. For all situations whereby the foam dissolves dirt and / or degreases.
Equipped with 3 nozzles, so that the intensity of the foam level can be adjusted individually. Compatibility of the liquid used with the foam sprayer should be tested before use, since the concentrations and compositions may vary widely.
Rinse well with clean water after use

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